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Welcome to Finland (, the Northeast corner of Europe between the West and the East. Because of its location there are four distinct seasons that all give their own unique flavor. Take a chance, the wild but yet very modern country is waiting for you!

Turku ( is a vital coastal town in Southwest Finland with 170 000 inhabitants. Turku is also the Finland’s oldest town and it was the country’s first capital. Turku offers plenty of historical attractions, contemporary art and incredible nature. Explore the city’s many restaurants, shops, bars and other free time activities. Turku is a genuine student town with many higher education institutions and thousands of students. As a popular student city you get to meet people from different cultures all over the world. Student culture is active: 20 percent of Turku residents are higher education students.Almost everybody speak also English.

Turku University of Applied Sciences (TUAS) ( offers a wide variety of options for international students. Education at TUAS emphasizes close contacts with business, industry and services. The studies are designed to meet the changing requirements of the world of work, and qualifying graduates for future expert tasks.


All TUAS international opportunities are open for students of the ECS partner network. However, to the ECS double degree students we offer our attractive international semester in Embedded Systems.

Embedded systems refer to devices that are controlled with in-built microprocessor. The devices include, for example, mobile phones, bio-technical instruments, digital TVs and control devices for various engines. The option in Embedded Software focus on software engineering of these devices. The studies deal with design and implementation of real-time systems using C as the programming language. This sector of industrial software engineering is growing significantly.

Please note that the extent of the B.Eng. degrees in Finnish universities of applied science is 240 ECTS credits, i.e. four years. That is, TUAS can award its B.Eng. degree only to those ECS students that complete 240 ECTS in total (of which 60 ECTS at TUAS). We also have a requirement of a 30 ECTS work placement. If you are interested in getting a TUAS double degree, please contact us in advance so that we can plan your studies together.

Being an ECS student at TUAS

A testimony from Diego Sanz Villafruela, BSc. student at TUAS, who was an international exchange and ECS double degree student coming from Universidad de Burgos.


Detailed Information on the Courses in the website: > Courses > Faculty of Business, ICT and Chemical Engineering > Joukahaisenkatu Campus

There you can find the latest description for our international semesters, and the Embedded Systems semester especially. Please note that the brochure will be updated annually and some changes between the academic years are possible.

Note that we will offer you a course for learning some basics of the Finnish language during your stay. However, it is not necessary to be able to speak Finnish, since many people speak rather good English in Finland and the courses of the International Semester in Embedded Systems are taught in English. You will get more info about the courses during the general orientation day for exchange students.

How to apply

All the application information can be found at:  > How to apply

Accommodation (very important!)

Our faculty operates in the ICT City building at Kupittaa campus rather near the city centre (street address: Joukahaisenkatu 3 floor C).

Finding a place to stay for your exchange period in Turku will require independent effort from you. Turku University of Applied Sciences (TUAS) cannot guarantee or arrange housing for the exchange students.  However, International Office has negotiated with some companies in order to provide housing options for you. You will find more information about accommodation in the information package of TUAS. > Accommodation & Before arrival


If you have further questions on TUAS international opportunities or the practical arrangements, please contact our International Relations Coordinator:

Mrs. Anne Räikkä
+358 50 5985319