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Specialisation “Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Management”


The courses included in this specialization provide the student with a deep and wide knowledge about modern techniques and paradigms lying in the field of Artificial Intelligence and its application in modern paradigms of workflows in companies (i.e. Big Data, Decission Support, Knowledge Sharing…).


The course consists of interrelated and up-to-date topics in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Data Analisis: Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks, Evolutionary Computation, Expert Systems and Data Mining. It is complemented by other topics related with the application of these techniques, such as Knowledge Management or Strategic Management of TICs.


ECS core studies of 1st and 2nd years.


The courses included in the specialization include 6 core subjects + 2 elegible subjects + final research project / company internship.

                                  ECS Specialization Subjects at the University of Burgos
Core Subjects
Semester Subject ECTS   Semester Subject ECTS
1st sem. english_friendly_50Intelligent Systems (6365) 6 2nd sem. Algorithmics (6372) 6
1st sem. english_friendly_50Neural and Evolutionary Computation (6382) 6 2nd sem. Data Mining (6388) 6
1st sem. Language (Spanish) I 6 2nd sem. Language (Spanish) II 6
TOTAL   18   TOTAL   18


ECS Specialization Subjects at the University of Burgos
Eligible Subjects (must choose 2)
Semester Subject ECTS   Semester Subject ECTS
1st sem. english_friendly_50Information Management (6377) 6 2nd sem. Distributed Systems (6384) 6
1st sem. Technical and Strategic Management of Information & Communication Technologies (8111) 6 2nd sem. english_friendly_50New Technologies and Enterprises (6387) 6
1st sem. english_friendly_50Artificial Intelligence (8113) 6
1st sem. english_friendly_50 Advanced Computers Architecture (8112) 6
1st sem. Advanced Information Systems (8115) 6


Research Project / Industrial Placement
Semester Subject ECTS   Semester Subject ECTS
** english_friendly_50Research Project / Industrial Placement 6 ** english_friendly_50Research Project / Industrial Placement 6
TOTAL   6       6

** In order to facilitate the completion of the project or placement, it is possible to complete the Project/Internship during only one semester (increasing the workload of that semester to 12 ECTS).

 English Friendly courses

english_friendly_50The English Friendly Program emerged from the eagerness and commitment of the Teaching Innovation Group, along with the Vice-chancellorship for Internationalization. This innovative action intends to contribute to the improvement of the quality of our university. Our aim is to give priority to the internationalization process of our institution, thus favoring students’ exchange. Through this program, all the modules with the English Friendly label will be taught in Spanish; nevertheless, our teaching staff will provide the students who request it with the necessary learning materials in English. Besides, students will have the opportunity to be tutored and also tested in English.

Apart from this, our university provides a wide offer of courses taught in English for those students who are unable to follow the lessons in Spanish in different faculties and schools of our university. It is thus no longer needed to be fluent in Spanish to study in Spain. Studies are completed by Spanish classes and an additional asset for our foreign students.

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Detailed Information about the subjects (currently in Spanish), can be found HERE and HERE

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