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Specialization : Information Systems and Software Development



This specialization is offered by the Computer Science Department of the University François Rabelais of Tours. Please consider that the department in located at Blois, a little city (75000 inhabitants) which is situated 50 kms from Tours… Blois is a well-known old city (UNESCO heritage) with a rich architectural heritage from the Renaissance : Blois was the informal capital of France when kings appreciated to live along the “Loire valley”.


The international degrees in Computer Science that are offered by the University François-Rabelais are all located in Blois, aside from French standard curriculums. In particular, you will meet in Blois students from our Eramus Mundus IT4BI Master that come from all other the world. ECS BSc. students are warmly invited to apply to this international Master degree.


This specialization, offered to 3rd-year ECS students, focuses on the fundamental aspects of information systems and software development, including the development of Web applications. Please note that this specialization corresponds to the standard 3rd year of our Bachelor in Computer Science : most lectures are given in French, and around 80% of the students are French students.


This year consists of subjects among advanced IT and CS skills, including also additional topics on system programming, formal languages, complexity, local area networks and TCP/IP protocols. This year also includes a mandatory 12-weeks industrial placement.


On the whole, the course consists of 18 ECTS of software development modules, 9 ECTS of Information systems modules, 10 ECTS of networks and system programming, 12 ECTS of theoretical aspects of computer science or business intelligence, 8 ECTS of Humanities modules and 3 ECTS of practical training including a 12 weeks industrial placement.

ECTS Hours
Local Area Network 3 26 TCP/IP Networks 3 28
Databases administration 3 24 OO programming project 2 48h
Formal Languages and Compilers 3 24 Statistics 2 34
System Programming 4 44 Operational Research 1 12
Software Engineering : UML 4 48 Theory of Complexity and Graph 3 38
Advanced Object-Oriented Programming 4 42 Web Applications 4 48
Probabilities 3 24 Human Machine Interaction & Software  Quality 4 34
English Language 2 22
English Language 3 22 Communication 3 20
IT Free Elective Module 3 22 IT Free Elective Module 3 30
Industrial Placement 3 12 weeks

More detailed information about courses


  • For ECS students, the prerequisites are those of the ECS core studies of 1st and 2nd years. 
  • French language requirement – According to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, a B2 level is expected at least in the “spoken understandig” competency, and a B1 level is expected at least in all other competencies. Any certification for that will be accepted, also a declaration from a French teacher of the sending University.

Academic calendar (2016-2017)

  • Semester 1 : lectures from September 8th, 2016 to December 16th 2016  (Final exams : from December 12th, 2016 to December 16th, 2016)
  • Semester 2 : lectures from January 3th, 2017 to  April 7th 2017 (Final exams : from April 3rd to April 7th 2014
  • Industrial Placement : at least 12 weeks from April 10th 2017
  • Additional Holidays : one week in the middle of every semester.

Being an ECS student in Blois…

A testimony from Natalie DUSKE, BSc. student at Blois University, who was an international student coming from HAW Hamburg.

Accommodation and student life


  • If you wish to live in a student’s residence, international exchanges students have the highest priority to book an apartment : please contact the CROUS office, which can also give you information about  other accommodation solutions.
  • Blois is quite close to Paris (2 hours by train) and Tours is well known for its lively student life (more than 30 000 students). In Blois, many events are organized by our local students associations (musical evenings, sport tournaments, on-line gaming nights, hackathons…)


  • Application deadline : around March (not precisely defined yet) for next year : place keep an eye on our international portal.