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hamburg University of Applied Sciences Hamburg, Germany



Specialisation: Embedded systems, sensor technologies

General information:

Welcome to Hamburg, the most beautiful city in Germany. Hamburg is the hanseatic gate to the world with nearly 2 Mio residents. Due to its trades and various universities, its residents are multi-cultural and open-minded.

The University of Applied Science Hamburg is one of the largest of its kind in Germany and within our four faculties we offer a wide range of Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes in engineering, IT, life sciences, design and media as well as business and social sciences. In teaching we focus on applied sciences, giving our students a practical insight into their fields of study through projects, lab work, internships and theses in industry.


The student will get familiar with architecture and functionalities of embedded systems. Sensor systems play a big role nowadays in technical systems. The students will be involved in dealing with embedded systems, sensor technology, real-time systems and cyber-physical systems. The main lecture language is German.

Cost per semester:

289 Euro, including the traffic ticket with access to the complete HVV (Ringe ABCDE) areas.

Language certificates:

The main lecture language is German. You must have at least German language level B1, better level B2!


ECS core studies of 1st and 2nd years at your home university.

Modules in the 3rd year in Hamburg:

Our study in the 3rd year is very manifold and flexible depending on your study interest. Despite of some mandatory courses, you will be able to chose four elective modules, a software project and a seminar from a considerable repository of interesting specialized topics, such as data science, robotics, AI and ML, modern software engineering, IoT and Communication Networks, computer graphics and much more. The modules vary each semester according to the students’ votes. You can find the latest courses here.

For your application process, we need you to choose 2 Wahlpflichtmodule, 1 Wahlpflichtproject and 1 Seminar course from this list.

Module ECTS
Distributed Systems or Architecture of Information Systems or IT Security 6
Seminar 3
Project 9
 Elective Modules 1 to 4 (Wahlpflichtfach) 4 x 6
Languages, culture and communication 3
Final Project: bachelor thesis + colloquium 15


By interest, please contact Prof. Dr. Marina Tropmann-Frick (ECS coordinator) and the Students Exchange Officer.