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timisoaraWest University of Timisoara

Specialization “Computer Science – Artificial Intelligence and Distributed Computing”


This specialization is offered by the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science from the West University of Timisoara, Romania (


This specialization focuses on theoretical concepts and practical tools used in solving computational problems and in designing software products, with a particular emphasis on intelligent systems and distributed computing.


All lectures are taught in English. The activities are organized in 2 semesters each one of 17 weeks:

  • Semester 1: 14 weeks for lectures and 3 weeks for the exam session;
  • Semester 2: 12 weeks for lectures, 2 weeks for BSc thesis preparation and 3 weeks for the exam session.
 Semester 1 (5th ECS semester)      Semester 2 (6th ECS semester)    
 Mandatory Subjects ECTS  Hours  Mandatory Subjects  ECTS   Hours
 Artificial Intelligence  5 56  Graphics and User Interfaces  5 56
 Web Technologies  5 56  Numerical Methods  5 56
 Differential Equations  5 56  Diploma Stage II  5 42
 Diploma Stage I  3 28
 Elective Subjects (4)  ECTS Hours   Elective Subjects (3)  ECTS  Hours
  •  Programming Environments
  • Distributed and Concurrent Programming
 5 42
  •  Cloud Computing and Internet of Things
  • Security and Cryptography
 5  42
  •  Design Patterns
  • Information Theory
 5 42
  •  Intelligent Systems
  • Network Administration
 5  42
 Subject selected from another faculty 2 28
  • Management Information Systems
  • Applications Development using .NET platform
 5 42

Graduation Exam

The graduation exam consists of two components:

  • Written test consisting of 60 multiple choice questions. The test contains 20 questions from each of the following core topics: Discrete Structures and Algorithms;  Programming Languages and Software Engineering; Computing Systems and Databases
  • Oral presentation of the BSc Thesis

For each component of the exam the student receives a mark between 0 and 10. The graduation exam final mark is computed as average of the two marks.

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