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timisoaraWest University of Timisoara

Specialization “Computer Science – Artificial Intelligence and Distributed Computing”


This specialization is offered by the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science from the West University of Timisoara, Romania (


This specialization focuses on theoretical concepts and practical tools used in solving computational problems and in designing software products, with a particular emphasis on intelligent systems and distributed computing.


All lectures are taught in English. The activities are organized in 2 semesters each one of 17 weeks:

  • Semester 1: 14 weeks for lectures and 3 weeks for the exam session;
  • Semester 2: 13 weeks for lectures (2 days/week free of classes for BSc thesis preparation) and 3 weeks for the exam session.
 Semester 1 (5th ECS semester)      Semester 2 (6th ECS semester)    
 Mandatory Subjects ECTS  Hours  Mandatory Subjects  ECTS   Hours
 Artificial Intelligence  5 56  Graphics and User Interfaces  5 56
 Web Technologies  5 56  Numerical Methods  5 56
 Differential Equations  5 56 BSc Thesis
 5 42
Methodology for
Writing the BSc
 3 28
 Elective Subjects (4)  ECTS Hours   Elective Subjects (3)  ECTS  Hours
  •  Programming Environments
  • Distributed and Concurrent Programming
 5 42
  •  Cloud Computing and Internet of Things
  • Security and Cryptography
 5  42
  •  Design Patterns
  • Information Theory
 5 42
  •  Intelligent Systems
  • Network Administration
 5  42
 Subject selected from another faculty 2 28
  • Management Information Systems
  • Applications Development using .NET platform
 5 42

Graduation Exam

The graduation exam consists of two components:

  • Written test consisting of 30 multiple choice questions and a problem required detailed presentation of the solution (including algorithm description and small pieces of code implemented in programming language). The test contains 10 questions from each of the following core topics: Discrete Structures and Algorithms;  Programming Languages and Software Engineering; Computing Systems and Databases
  • Oral presentation of the BSc Thesis

For each component of the exam the student receives a mark between 0 and 10. The graduation exam final mark is computed as average of the two marks.

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